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Exploration of the experiences of Canadian military veterans in the use of psychedelics to address concerns related to mental health, pain, and sleep disorders.

An observational retrospective trial.

Heroic Hearts Canada is supporting a study evaluating the experiences of Canadian veterans in exploring the use of psychedelics as a means to treat mental health related issues, pain, and/or sleep disorder. The overall aim of the study is to explore the challenges and pain points Canadian veterans have encountered during the process of exploring psychedelics and working with psychedelics through both regulated and non-regulated means.


The primary goal of this study is to form an increased understanding within the medical psychedelic community concerning the efficacy and therapeutic potential of using psychedelics to treat mental health related concerns within the veteran community. This study may also increase an understanding of the experiences veterans face when learning about psychedelics, accessing psychedelics, taking psychedelics, and integrating psychedelic experiences.


This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB) and is being stewarded through the University of Calgary. All participants will be asked to go through a consent and confidentiality process before they consent to participating. Data will be collected, stored, and analyzed using PHIPA-compliant software. PHIPA, or the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) is Ontario’s health-specific privacy legislation which ensures the privacy of all healthcare information. PHIPA is substantially similar to PIPEDA, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, a federal act pertaining to information privacy. 


Any questions can be directed to



  1. What are the experiences of Canadian veterans with mental health concerns, pain, and sleep disorders in learning about psychedelics, accessing psychedelics, taking psychedelics, and integrating psychedelic experiences?

  2. What were the impacts of the psychedelic experience in relation to the therapeutic healing of mental health issues in Canadian veterans?


  • If interested in participating, please follow this link to our confidential survey study.

  • You will asked to complete the informed consent process.

  • You will then be asked to answer a screening question prior to participating.

    • You will be asked to enter your service number. This will help researchers to validate whether you are a candidate to participate in the study. This number will not be linked to any of your survey responses and will not be published. 

  • Upon completion of the screening questionnaire, you will be invited to complete a survey including both open and closed ended questions regarding your experience(s) with psychedelics.

  • This survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete.

  • This survey will open in a separate window, and your email address will not be tracked or retained.

  • The data collected in this study will be anonymized, stored, and analyzed using confidential Research Ethics Board (REB) approved methods.

Please follow this link to our confidential survey study. Your input will help improve our understanding of the impacts of psychedelics on your healing journey, and contribute to improving the care we can provide for veterans in Canada

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