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Heroic Hearts Canada is actively working with our Clinical Advisory Group and various stakeholders to design and launch our programs, with the aim of opening registration for a pilot in 2024.  

Our Programs

  1. Heroic Hearts Canada’s Access Program facilitates access for qualified individuals to attend vetted clinics in Canada and abroad that provide psychedelic-assisted therapy, and enable them in their journey afterwards by providing peer-based community supports.

  2. Heroic Hearts Canada’s Research Program contributes to the growing base of evidence and research on the impacts of psychedelic-assisted therapies, and will share these findings with the public and key stakeholders as they become available.

What we do

  • Empower – Provide unbiased information and support to help veterans decide if psychedelics and our programs are right for them

  • Connect – Asses applicants for their suitability and facilitate their access to vetted clinics

  • Support – Fund veteran access to vetted clinics and enable their healing journey by providing tailored supports pre- and post- treatment

  • Foster - Connect participants with a peer-based community that leverages existing resources to support veterans continuing their healing journeys

  • Document – Provide program participants with the opportunity to help build the evidence-informed foundation to create lasting systems-level change 

Please sign up on our "Contact Us" page if you're interested in learning more about our programs, or to stay in touch as we launch our pilots in 2024.

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