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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each veteran in their own healing journey by removing the barriers to access psychedelic therapies in Canada. This means providing educational resources on veteran health and wellness and financial support for qualified veterans, as well as building a community in which veterans can continue their healing journey.

Our Vision

We believe that Canadian veterans can play a distinct role in contributing to the growing research and evidence on the impacts of psychedelics. Working with like-minded partners, we believe Heroic Hearts Project Canada can contribute to positive system-level changes that will create a future where every Canadian has equitable access to legal, safe, regulated, and affordable psychedelic therapies.

Our Values

Veteran-centric – while we are founded by veterans, we are a team with diverse professional backgrounds who share a steadfast commitment to promoting veteran health and well-being. We are dedicated to empowering veterans by improving access to resources that impact their well-being. We believe that safe and effective access to psychedelic medicines can play a role in helping heal our veteran community.

Independent – we are an independent charity with a clear focus on veterans and their well-being. While we work with partners from across the eco-system to effect change, at the end of the day, our actions and decisions are guided by our mission and the public benefits we aim to provide the veteran community.

Collaborative – we will accomplish our mission if we find like-minded partners, which is why we rely on innovative collaborations with organizations that reflect the diverse experiences and perspectives of our community. We are committed to advancing our cause by empowering our partners that share our drive.

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