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Program Update: We are looking to speak with veterans who have worked with psychedelics in a therapeutic setting. If you or someone you know fits this description and would be willing to participate in a consultation process to help shape our programs, please connect with us by completing the form under 'Contact Us'

We are currently designing our programs and aim to launch several pilots in early 2023. Our pilot programs will leverage existing, medically regulated pathways to provide qualified veterans with legal access to safe and effective psychedelic assisted therapy programs. This includes access via the Special Access Program, section 56 exemptions to vetted clinics, participating in innovative research, and supporting clinical trials. 

What we do

  •  Empower – veterans with information to support individual healing journeys

  • Connect – veterans with vetted resources and organizations

  • Build – veteran community to support each other on our healing journeys

  • Document – veteran experience with psychedelic therapies to help lay the evidence  informed foundation for both lasting systems-level change

Please sign up on our "Contact Us" page if you're interested in learning more about our programs, or to stay in touch as we launch our pilots in early 2023.

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